November 2023

Starting from the idea that everything is a part of a process of change and evolution, Galleria Rossella Colombari envisioned a new exhibition on the basis of this system and with origins in a pre-existing environment.

The new installation was born from the need to both describe past languages as well as to insert new ones, revolutionizing both installation and concept.
The history of interior design evinces the constant evolution of spatial design, an effort in continuous transformation which encourages a harmonious experience with our surrounding spaces, a project designed to establish and arrange spaces so that they can be inhabited. Rossella Colombari's selection and the inclusion of new elements demonstrates how the same exhibition space as well as the previous gallery exhibition can, through a projectual understanding and transformation, become a domestic environment composed of traditional elements which guarantee warmth and intimacy.

The result reinforces the idea that projectual designing can re-arrange spaces to be lived in and enrich our existence with a constant intersection of spaces and places.


Photo by Cristopher Ghioldi