June 2024

Studio Alchimia was founded in Milan in 1976 by Alessandro and Adriana Guerriero. It was a place of contamination of languages and research in design, architecture and fashion, where the aim was to privilege the idea over the product, where drawing was a free and continuous movement of thought. “ For Alchimia, drawing is a cycle: everything that will happen has already happened, and individual imagination (the basis of the world's survival) can travel in all senses in every culture and place, as long as it operates in a loving way. For Alchimia the project is delicate. It does not impose itself, but gently supports and accompanies the progress of life and death of the people who like the project ". In the early 1980's, 24 covers for the magazine Domus were created through the collaboration between Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandro Mendini, signed by Occhiomagico. Occhiomagico's images, which in their analogical dimension anticipate the trend towards digital manipulation, represent a project and not an object, inventing non-existent places and unlikely spaces. Drawing inspiration from this dreamlike image, Rossella Colombari curated the new gallery selection for June 2024, creating a domestic environment with a strong visual impact, dominated by the choice of color, excess and contamination.


Photos by Christopher Ghioldi
Courtesy Galleria Rossella Colombari