Marco Lavit by Lelièvre Paris
October 2023

Galleria Rossella Colombari Gallery presents the exhibition GEOMETRIE, in collaboration with Marco Lavit and the historic French fabric company Maison Lelièvre.
The project, with a selection and installation curated by Rossella Colombari, narrates Marco Lavit’s work and his first collaboration with Lelièvre Paris with his collection of rugs Finis Terrae as well as two new rugs, in a limited edition designed specifically for the gallery on this occasion.

Marco Lavit's carpets relate to concepts such as geography, Greek myths and a play with geometry and its intrinsic musicality.
Through these themes, Rossella Colombari expresses her own approach to the selection of historical design, presenting pieces by architects such as Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, Ettore Sottsass and others, who in the 1960s and 1970s examined the essentiality of forms and their functional characteristics when inserted into an architectural context.This project, in its search for form and contact between historical and contemporary, matter and volume, aspires to achieve a set of dimensional relationships closely linked to each other in an attempt to codify geometric rules in their capability of ensuring beauty to an object; perceived as a single element or within a space in its totality.

Photo by Christopher Ghioldi